Services Overview

- Expert witness
- Litigation Support
- Tree and Landscape Appraisals
- Arborist Accident Investigations
- Tree Risk Assessments
- Tree preservation plans
- Disease and Pest Diagnosis
- Safety Program Development/Review
- Arborist Safety Audits

Why Aspen?

Aspen Arbo. can provide quality arboriculture and arboriculture safety information and advice. We pride ourselves on prompt response, thorough reports, a always advancing knowledge of trees and their interactions with people and communities, and a history of working closely with the tree care industry to understand its functions, working nature, and safety culture. At Aspen, we aim to provide the absolute best in all aspects of the science and understanding of arboriculture. This can be very important when an Arborist is needed as an expert witness in a court case.

Why a consulting Arborist?

Consulting arborists are experts on a wide variety of complex tree issues and often advise on complex issues involving more than just the tree. We offer experience in the deeper science and practice of arboriculture and tree biology as well as the ethical and practical objective needed to provide a detailed and unbiased report. Whereas a Tree Services may not fully understand the intricate details needed for a particular issue or may be biased in their opinion.

Arboriculture: ar·bor·i·cul·ture : The care of trees.

Arborist: Someone who cares for trees.

Consulting Arborist: Information providers and industry experts on tree related matters.

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Aspen Arbo. is your resource for Arborist Safety information. We specialize in providing tree care companies and arborists with the necessary information to become as safe and productive as possible. Click here to also get a copy of a FREE arborist safety manual to get you started on the road to safe tree care.